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BattleField Hardline Open Beta Now availab


Join the Battlefield Hardline Beta

It’s here. The Open Beta for Battlefield Hardline is live. Players on all platforms can now live out their cops and criminals fantasies in three distinct game modes – Conquest, Heist and Hotwire. The three unique maps you’ll be hitting in the Beta are called Bank Job, Dust Bowl, and Downtown.

Free for anyone, the Battlefield Hardline Beta won’t require you to pre-register or redeem any codes. Follow these simple steps to get a piece of the action:

PC (Origin)

·  Make sure your PC meets the disk space and system requirements.

·  Launch Origin.

·  Find and download the Battlefield Hardline Open Beta.

·  Once installation is complete, launch the Beta from Origin. This will direct you to Battlelog.

·  Choose a game mode and server in Battlelog to start playing.


PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 3

·  Head to the PlayStation Store.

·  Find and download the Battlefield Hardline Open Beta.

·  Once installation is complete, launch the Beta from the main Playstation menu.

·  Note that PS4 owners need an active PlayStation+ Subscription.


Xbox One / Xbox 360

·  Make sure you have an active Xbox Live subscription.

·  Head to Xbox Live.

·  Find and download the Battlefield Hardline Open Beta.

·  Once installation is complete, launch the Beta from the main menu.

Take a look at the trailer below and see whats waiting for you.


Ultimate Team 15 Winter Transfers


Its that time of year again and EA are have brought out the first batch of winter transfers on Ultimate Team

You can see the full list of the January Transfers here, which EA will continually update as we progress towards and after deadline day.

Here are a few of the highlights…

Seydou Doumbia – 82 – ST – Roma

Juan Cuadrado – 83 – RM – Chelsea

Andre Schurrle – 81 – LM – Wolfsburg

Victor Ibarbo – 75 – RW – Roma

Fernando Torres – 81 – ST – Atletico Madrid

Wilfred Bony – 81 – ST – Manchester City

David Villa – 80 – ST – New York City FC

Jermain Defoe – 80 – ST – Sunderland

Enzo Perez – 80 – CM – Valencia

Xherdan Shaqiri – 80 – RM – Inter Milan

Lukas Podolski – 77 – LM – Inter Milan

Eljero Elia – 76 – LM – Southampton

GTA 5 Next Gen Unlimited Money Car Duplication Glitch – Credit to Pelly Trolls and Sir Weed

Ok so this is a pretty awsome glitch, basically it allws you to duplicate any car in your garage as many yimes as you want. Its also the only glitch for next gen that allows you to sell the car after duplicating it. this makes it a huge was of making some quick cash. all credit for this glicth goes to Pelly Trolls and Sir Weed.  Dont forget to drop a like or subscribe. As far as i know this only works on Next gen but if anyone on Old gen could let me know and i will update the post.

Here are some step by step instructions, for a video tutorial see below.

1. Own 2 apartments in the Eclipse Towers Building
2. 1 garage should have at least 1 available parking spot,
while the other one should have the car you want to duplicate/sell
3. Drive the car you want to duplicate outside and park it inbetween the wall of the appartment and the planter infront. (see video)
4. Get a random car, and drive towards your garage, hugging the right hand side untill the garage selection appears. Back out of the menu and reverse slightly.
5. Get out of the car and open your phone to join a Random job, on call.
6. Open up your phone, and open a contact mission that is there, get it to the INVITATION
screen, then press Y to walk towards the random car
7. Just before you grab the door handle, press A/X to accept the mission.
8.Once you get into the vehicle, your garage selection menu will pop up, hover over
the garage with the empty parking spot
9. Once the mission screen loads, press (quickly) B, A, A, then you will exit the mission lobby
and spawn in front of the driveway of the apparment.
10. Walk towards the car you want to duplicate and press Y to spawn into your car, and Bam, you will spawn into the garage, in the car. (make sure you do this quickly, otheriwse you will spawn in the garage without the car)
11. Walk outside and grab the duplicate version and drive it inside (replace a car if necessary)
12. Now you have 2 copies of the car