Solo Unlimited RP Glitch GTA 5 Online

Ok so i have a pretty cool glitch here, most of you will of heard of the world record rp exploit from late last year, well its not sure how or why it has re appeared but it has. Ive not made a video for this but i will make one and upload it later. Ive only tried this on Xbox one so if it works on other Systems please let me know in the comments. Heres what you need to do

1. Host a race on Criminal Records Track for 12 Laps (12 laps is the best amount of laps to get the RP the quickest, if done right your will get approx 2 levels from 12 laps in approx 6 minutes)

2. Launch the Job on you own

3. complete the first lap in approx 40 seconds (notice when you cross the line you set a world record and get approx 2 bars or RP)

4. on your second lap Shave 1 second off the previous lap (again you will set another world record and get another 2 bars or RP)

5. Continue to shave time off with every lap untill you complete the race.

6. Watch your RP go up and up and up.

*Will Post a video tutorial up later. Please let me know in the comments if your having any problems or if you notice it has been Hot fixed.



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